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Leeds Spiders Wheelchair Basketball Club Receives £5,000 Donation

Morley based Leeds Spiders Wheelchair Basketball Club (WBC) gave thanks this week to Howley Hall Golf Club for donating £5,000.

The Wheelchair Basketball Club run by Leeds Disability Sports charity SPIDER-Y relies on donations to fund sports wheelchairs, training and game costs for people with disability of all ages from around the region.

SPIDER-Y Chairman Andrew Gardner said: “I would like to thank everyone at Howley Hall Golf Club for their contributions and fundraising efforts for Leeds Spiders.

“As a non-profit charity, every penny donated goes towards the clubs running costs and will impact the lives of disabled people in the city.

“For those wanting to find out more about fundraising for Leeds Spiders please visit www.Spider-y.org.uk



Photo left to right:

Josh Gardner (Wheelchair Left) Joint Leeds Spider Head Coach, David Jones (Howley Hall Captain), John Winn (Howley Hall President) David Forryan (Wheelchair Right) Joint Leeds Spiders Head Coach

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Leeds Spiders have a busy schedule this month starting on Sunday at home with an early Premier League start vs Tornados at 1100, followed by Division 3 action vs Vikings at 1300 all live on our FACEBOOK page www.facebook.com/SpiderysportsTV/ we also have live stats available.Then the following week 19th Feb is the Clash of the Titans Spiders 2 vs Teesvalley Titans @1100 and then Premier League clash Spiders 1 vs London Titans @1300 again all LIVE on FACEBOOK.  We also have some coverage on YOUTUBE but to secure better resolution these will be posted prerecorded.


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Leeds Spiders Wolfs started the year with a long trip to Littlehampton on the south coast to visit Southcoast Tornados, and despite half the first team injured took control of the Premier League Clash.

Spiders came out of the game triumphant as it finished 26-90.

The game saw Toby Wales deputise for the late injury to Hatem Ghanami who injured his hand this week, Wales joined up with Josh Gardner who returned from a long spell off after breaking his elbow back in November, with Captain Jack Brown, Ebrahim Ahmadi and Young Gun Luis Domingos in the starting lineup.

Spiders looked on top form and were straight into the points and took an early lead keeping some distance between themselves and the Tornados. Spiders have been savaged by injuries this season but the draft in of the second team players has turned around the fortunes of Spiders who prior to the last two games suffered big losses against Oldham and Sheffield which had left Spiders at the wrong end of the league table. Hopefully with a couple more wins will keep us safe this year so we can continue in the Premier League. 

Big hitter’s today Jack Brown 16 baskets 6 free throws 38 points

1st Qtr. 9-19, 2nd    8-24, 3rd   8-25, 4th 6-22    FT   26-90

Jack Brown (CAP) (38), Ebrahim Ahmadi (30), Luis Domningos (10), Josh Gardner (0) , Toby Wales(4)

Subs – Wayne Fisher (8) Caroline Bonner, Coral Batey

Finally Spiders Chairman Andrew Gardner said “this was a great winning start to 2017 especially it been our 10 year anniversary year, we have a number of celebrations in the pipeline and just waiting on the final details to be approved all this and confrimation of our New kit sponsor for the next 2 years  Yorkshire Bank so all in all a great start and new anniversary playing kit ready to wear…..

We now have a couple weeks break then an away trip to Shropshire Warriors on 28th January, followed by two massive games at Home against Tornados PL & Vikings 2 Div 3 on 12th Feb and the clash of the Titans on 19th Feb which sees London Titans PL and Tees Valley Titans Div 3 come to Morley Leisure Centre and these will be live streamed to our FACEBOOK PAGE (SPIDER Y SPORTS TV) so if you can’t get down to support you can watch it anywhere.”

Link here to our channel -  Click Here

Home fixture for Leeds Spiders -  Click Here


BWB Juniors League 10ft 2013-2014

Rank Teams Played Won Lost Diff Points For Against Team Name Team Manager Team Coach Team Colours Team Players
1 Tees Valley Titans 10 10 0 328 - 121 20 328 121
2 Wakefield Whirlwinds 10 7 3 261 - 190 17 261 190
3 Leeds Spiders U19s 10 5 5 184 - 177 15 184 177 Nicki Slinsgby Josh Gardner
4 North Wales Crusaders 10 5 5 145 - 169 15 145 169
5 Lothian 1 10 2 8 115 - 214 12 115 214
6 Sheffield Steelers 10 1 9 59 - 221 11 59 221

The Lord's Taverners Junior League 2013/14
The rules of the League will be the rules of Wheelchair Basketball as it is played in the British Wheelchair Basketball National League with the following exceptions:
 The League will be played on 10ft hoops. Size 7 balls will be used.
 Age criteria: any player under the age of 19 at Midnight on 31st December of the current season. The youngest age a junior player can register to play in the U.19s league is 13 (player must be 13 years of age by Midnight on 31st December in the current season).
 Games will be played to 16 classification points. An additional 1.0 will be added to the team classification for every female player on court, to a maximum of 17.5. In the event that a team cannot start the game to the points criteria, the following procedure will apply:
 Teams will start the game with 5 players
 If after the tip off, the team with the correct classification points wins possession, play will continue until the team which exceeds classification points, gains possession, then as below
 When the team which is over classification points gains possession (either from the tip or in open play), play will be immediately stopped and that team coach will be charged with a technical foul and that team will then continue with 4 players only, after 2 free throws and possession have been taken.
 Only one 5 point player may be on court at any one time.
 Players must be registered and participate in at least one of the league rounds to be eligible to play in the Finals.
 The duration of games will consist of two halves of 10 minutes, stopped clock.
 There will be a 3 minute break at half time.
 Dependent upon time there should be a 5 minute warm-up period.
 Failure to be on court ready at the beginning of the time slot will result in a team forfeiting the game with a result of 20-0.
 Games must be completed in the time slot allotted.
 Visual 24 second clocks will be used if available.
 Teams are allowed 2 time-outs per game with a stopped clock.
 A tie will result in 2 minutes of extra time, stopped clock.
 When a player is fouled in the act of shooting, the player fouled will take 2 free throws. The clock shall be stopped for these free throws. The foul will be recorded against the player/team who committed the offence as normal.
 Team fouls: 6 per half, after which the penalty shall be 2 free throws, play is live from the second free throw.

WBC Tables

Rank Teams Played Won Lost Drawn Points
1 Leeds Spiders 2 5 5 0 0 10



We train all year round with exception of 2 weeks break at Christmas.

At Morley Leisure Centre LS27 9JP

Monday      7pm-9pm   Basketball Premier League 

Wednesday 7pm-8pm   Basketball Juniors and beginners

Wednesday 8pm-10pm Basketball Premier League and Division 3

Thursday    8pm-10pm Wheelchair Rugby League


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